Latest Piracy Reports

Asian tanker hijacked and siphoned

Iran Navy foils attack in GOA

Somali mothervessel on the loose off Somalia

Three crewmen kidnapped off Nigeria

Tanker hijacked off Indonesia

Attempted boarding off Philippines

Iran Navy saves Philippino freighter

Somalis free fishing crew after four years

Kalamos crew released

Tanker hijacked - oil siphoned off Malaysia

Bomb Planted on tanker

Greek officer shot dead in Nigeria

Malacca Strait rampant with pirates

Pirate approach in the South Red Sea

Nigerian pirates hijack Military gunboat in Niger Delta

Engineer on board tanker killed by pirates off Malaysia

Product tanker boarded off Malaysia

Machine gun fire against tanker in Nigeria

Attempted boarding at Sao Tome & Principe

Iran Navy thwars attack on tanker

Tanker boarded - attempted hijacking at Abidjan

Turkish crew taken by Nigerian pirates

Pirate attack in Nigeria

MV Asphalt crew released after 4 years

Nigerian Pirates kill 3 policemen abduct 10 i na series of attacks

Tanker hijacked off Indonesia

Nigerian pirates kidnap 10

Series of armed robberies in Indonesia

Asia piracy hits 5 year high

Tanker dissapears off Singapore and released with stolen cargo and 2 injured

Attack off Oman - attempted boarding

Tanker hijacked and cargo stollen in Indonesia

Iran Navy battles pirates in the HRA 3 times

Armed pirates attempt boarding in Nigeria

Iran Navy repels 2 attacks in the HRA

Thai tanker hijacked and robbed off Malaysia

MT Sana surrounded by 10 skiffs with armed pirates on board in the South Red Sea

Piracy approach off Kerala, India

Several attacks and attempted boardings in Indonesia

Pirate mother vessel operating at Bal Al Mandeb

Vessel attacked off Fujairah

Tanker hijacked off Ghana and released with stolen cargo

IMB warns for priacy in SE Asia sea

7th tanker hijacked in Malacca Straits

Tanker fights off attack in the Gulf of Aden

Body count in Nigeria increases

Hijackings booming in Indonesia

Nigerian Navy - Marine Police conflict lead to vessels arrests

Fair Artemis presumed hijacked in Ghana - retireved - all safe - cargo stolen

Bulkerr fired upon in Nigeria

Another tanker hijacked and cargo stolen in Malacca straits

Pirate approach in the Sea of Oman

Pirate attack leaves 3 dead in Nigeria

Somali Pirates Flee Captured Dhow as EU Naval Force Applies Pressure

Crew snatched - cargo stolen in Malacca straits

PAG approach in the GOA

Trained crew saves itself from Nigerian pirates

Ship shot at in Hormuz

Supply vessel hijacked at Nigeria

Another 3 seized from pirates at Nigeria

Pirates arrested off Pakistan

PAG attack off Oman

Security guards found of Trident Security found dead on board Maersk Alabama

Unprecedented hijackings and near to death experiences in Bangladesh

Series of attacks/approaches in the HRA

PAG attack at GOA

Captain and engineer of a Nigerian Agip Company Tug kidnapped

Kerala suffers cargo theft and now released

No trace of missing tanker

Dynacom Tanker hijacked off Angola

Navios ship first Somali target for 2014

Somalis hijack vessel in the Red Sea - FALSE REPORT

Iranian Navy thwarts another attack  - gunfire exchanged

MV San Miguel hijacked in GOG - Master and 2 crew kidnapped

Pirates snatch Master and Chief Engineer off Guinea

Vessel sustains pirate fire in GOA

Indonesia: 6 vessels - 6 boardings

PAG approach in the SRS

Indonesia boarding attempts continue - Chemical tankers are target No.1

Escalating pirate attacks is top security concern for shipping

W. Africa pirates release C-Retriever seafarers for $2mil.

Two tanker hijackings around Singapore raise concerns

NATO warship apprehends pirates after attacking Torm Kansas

Tanker hijacked and cargo stollen in Malaysia

Master and Chief engineer kidnapped from C-Retriever in GOG

MV Charlotte taking fire in GOA - Master send  distress signal on VHF - Warship rushing to assist

Iran navy thwarts second attack

Tanker hijacked and released in Indonesia - numerous boardings and attacks from pirates in the area

HRA Piracy activity on the upside - PAG approaches in GOA and PAG attack off Somalia

Iranian Navy foils attack and retaliation attack against tanker at GOA

3 PAG deterrences in 12 hrs in the HRA

Asia Cosco video out presenting terrorists firing RPG's

Attempted boarding at Nigeria

2 vessels hijacked - 50 seafarers still captive by Somali pirates - IMB reports

Pirate death count from Nigerian Navy exceeds 20 within a month

Hijacked Omani flagged vessel sighted at Somali beach

12 pirates gunned down by Nigerian Navy - 3 arrested


SAPU Special Anti Piracy Unit

LSS has formed a Special Anti Piracy Unit (SAPU), specialized in deterring piracy in the HRA and GOG.

SAPU is nowadays safeguarding the largest portion of the vast Greek owned fleet along with major international shipping companies.